Creation of the World.. Video art, animation and story by artist Christian Staebler

Creation World

Billions of Years Ago Till Here & Now – 2:16 min
Genesis of the world. See awesome 3-D animation video, sound effects & interesting story. Published in our amazing & beautiful youTube Channel, Aug 27, 2016. LoveArtPassion. Software & web development. Global & good ideas.

Billions of Years Ago Till Here & Now

The Colored Monkeys
Happy Creators of the Word of Illusions
Are Painting & Enjoying Life

Every Morning Before you Wake Up
The World was just Newly Painted

As you Sleep the Monkeys Take Erasers
Then you are Really Free
Dreams are Uncontrollable Free

Who are We – We are Who

By Chris Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion™

Creation of the World. Oil Painting & Logo of LoveArtPassion™

See Genesis, a video adventure. Great & unique, explaining the creation of the world, in an artistic, philosophic way. Made with love, art & passion. The story reminds you, of your daily cycle, consisting of day dreams, night dreams & nothingness. Trip to the universe & experience that you are pure perception. – Software & Web Development. Production of Content – Design & Videos

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May love, art & passion be with you 🙂

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