Design & Art

LoveArtPassion™ creative like the clouds, which develop & draw endless beautiful pictures in the sky. LAP a skilled, creative, intelligent design thinker & developer. We will work it out for you, may it be a beautiful Logo, a great advertisement, an awesome product design or something to attract the attention of the world. We produce & can reach back to oil paintings & digital pictures with copyrighted designs. This paintings & designs can be used partially or in full, in website designs or software application you may order of us. We will give you many good design options & help you in the decision process. We are working excellent, dedicated & fast at a low rate. That is as more the case, as we do not live in first world countries.

Design Development – Customized for You & Your Company

With many years of experience in painting, digital art, video & programming Christian Staebler, artist & founder of LoveArtPassion (Biography). He also programmed the next generation of social network, unveil scheduled for 2019. He is supporting a team of creative & energized expert designers & programmers in India.

We are combining the intuitive & logical method to create the best designs for you. Did you see any design element in our picture gallery or you like something completely new? We are here to guide & support you in creating your image, content pictures & logo.

Our Designers use Creativity, Emotion & Logics

With this attributes LoveArtPassion™ generates beautiful & product oriented design samples for your future content pictures or Logo. All that is part of our distinguished & effective approach. We use creativity & at the same time, we apply logical sequences of stages. We go all the way wth passion & give you our best. That is the way, we design content for you & your company. Trust us to find the right customized designs for your company & products in the world wide web.
Work Sequences: Design goals declaration. Brainstorm. Research of existing designs & evaluation of similarity. Improvement & development of chosen design.

Trust. Digital art. Design by Christian Staebler

Trust – Design by Christian Staebler (Biography). Founder LoveArtPassion™. Entrust us for Your Logo Creation & Designs. Software & Web Development.

Develop Beauty & Art for your Web Site & Company with Designs by LoveArtPassion™

We will present you multiple, different design solutions to fit & match your web site, beautiful & product oriented. To make sure, that you can find & choose, the awesome design that you were looking for. Through our beautiful designs you will be able to catch the attention in the world wide web.

Software Development - Love Solution. Oil painting. Design by Christian Staebler

Love Solution. Combination of an Oil Painting with Sound Effect, used with Web Development Signs. Designer & Painter, Christian Staebler.

Art Painting from Another Dimension

Our beautiful paintings with intriguing themes & awesome colors appeal to most people of different ages, in different cultures & countries of the world. These excellent designs, parts & combinations of them, are very good & effective to attract attention of visitors to your website, youTube & social network. We are leading in design, painting, digital art & as you will see, in our never ending good ideas for design, art, music, love & the world.

A Journey you Never Imagined

High quality oil paintings are on sale. They represent different art movements: surrealism, photorealism, phantasy, symbolism & others. In our website you still can see paintings, that you really can admire. Take your time, you have to look at the painting for a while, see rhythm, colors, vibrations & themes, as it would be music. Then, some time the picture will share beauty & powers with you, revealing their inner secrets.

Artist Christian Staebler. Oil painter, musician, photographer, web developer, designer & CNN iReporter. Global & good ideas: Video Staeblering the most impacting – Stop insects. Save lives & energy worldwide. Prevention of deadly diseases. Protect food stocks. Many other practical tips & art videos featured in youTube. Founder of LoveArtPassion™ from Switzerland. Won award in paintings & sculptures. Switzerland, Bern. 3 June 1982. Read biography.

High Return Value with Investment in Oil Paintings

Through our youTube channel, CNN iReports & global reach, we are very optimistic. These paintings are seen & will be seen by millions of people worldwide. These already now famous paintings are on sale. Select a beautiful painting in our outstanding galleries. Choose from various art movements & amazing subjects. High quality oil paintings with the touch of perfection. Contact us to enquire about price & details of paintings & designs.

Visit for a full overview of available unique paintings. There you will experience the awesome paintings with sound effects, an immersive adventure & world premiere by LoveArtPassion™. A sensual immersive trip to the unknown, a beautiful adventure for old & young.

Eye of  Eyes. We have the eye for  web development. Oil painting by Christian Staebler

The Eye of Eyes, with Sound Effects (2009). Artist Chris Staebler. Oil on Canvas (72.8 x 39.4 in = 185 x 100 cm).

Beautiful Art Videos with Sound Effects & Music. These Special & Unique Oil Paintings on Sale

Art videos with beautiful paintings, design & atmospheric music. See oil paintings shown around the world, to at least 5000 viewer a day. High value. These paintings on sale are exceptionally unique & beautiful. Our impressive oil paintings, desings & pictures are shown fully & with sound effects in “Global & Good Ideas – Videos by LoveArtPassion™ “, especially in  Staeblering – Stop insects & rats. Save lives & energy. Worldwide impact, videos in English, Spanish & French. A new & simple method to stop insects, improve living standards & prevent disease. Fast, cheap, effective & environmentally friendly.

Beautiful Designs, Oil Paintings & Stories by LoveArtPassion™. Video with Visual & Sound Effects 5:10 min.

Great Designs, Art & Stories by LoveArtPassion™. Video with Visual & Sound Effects 3:30 min.

Immersive Fine Art, Paintings & Stories by LoveArtPassion™. Video with Visual & Sound Effects 3:37 min.