Software & Web Development. Team: LoveArtPassion & Indian Programmers. Designer Christian Staebler.

Who We Are

We are a team. Indian programmers in Bangalore & LoveArtPassion™ founder Chris Staebler (Biography).

Our chief of staff & programmer expert from India was already mentioned & celebrated during his teens in Indian newspapers. He stood out for his innovative programming skills and focus on achieving & going beyond average. He created, as a solo programmer, the first "Made in India" framework & a social network already in his teens. In 2012 he founded his own company, which became known as the best in Bangalore India to develop websites, software, mobile apps & designs. We are thrilled & honoured to serve you.

Best Software & Web Development, Android & IOS. With our Analytic, Logical & Creative Approach.

We Aim your Site or Software Project to Success in the World Wide Web at a Very Good Rate.

Our mission is realizing your project, so it will be great & of worldwide influence. Create state of the art SEO, branding strategy & logo through LoveArtPassion™, to put your Company in front view of the world. Have a good impact in this world & earn more than money, by creating a web site or software application. We are ready to listen to your awesome idea & demands. LoveArtPassion is here to make you very good suggestions & conditions in web & software development, Android & IOS & much more.

We program, design & compose, what you request: Customized software, web site, design, videos & music.

We are Programming & Working with Love, Art, Passion, Know How & Intelligence.

This is important in our company, even when working on logical solutions, coding & mathematical problems. We are doing great & advanced programming & beautiful content creation at low costs.

LoveArtPassion™ Ensures You, that You will be in Best Hands.

Love & passion for software development, art, videos, music, good ideas & the world is our strength. - The Place for Better Software Development at a Good Rate.

Realizing your vision, success & worldwide impact. We stand with you, to achieve great things for you.

A LoveArtPassion™ Enterprise by Christian Staebler, Swiss. Artist, Programer & CNN iReporter. See our amazing youTube channel - Views 3.5 Million. Worldwide in 200 Countries & Territories.

Visit - Global & Good Ideas. Tips. Oil Paintings with Sound Effects, Videos & Much More. Watch beautiful & interesting introduction trailer. See animation video "Creation of the World".

Experience Adventure. Visit My Beautiful youTube Channel, CNN iReports, Read Interesting Biography.

What We Do & Love

We show you the logical, best & shortest way to achieve your awesome & interesting project. Complicated or easy, we go beyond average & limits, right to the centre of your plan, to give you success in the world wide web. So you & your best ideas will have a lasting impact & a great resonance in this world.

We Love our Work & Focused Customer Care

For the purpose to provide you with advanced programming, SEO, Logo development, branding strategy, customized content & best customer care, LoveArtPassion has teamed up with expert Indian Programmers. Assisting & supporting your project ideas, giving good advice, is our goal & ambition.

Our Strength is Software Development & Creating Appealing Content

Coding is not our only strength & devotion, because it is important for you & your company, to have great & beautiful content too. It is essential for you, to attract your future visitors & customer to your website or software application. Keep them interested & engaged, so they may visit your companies web site or application for a longer period of time & more frequently. Take advantage of all benefits, greater engagement, duration of visit to your site & number of page views. It will bring success to your company. To cover this important & central purpose, we produce customised beautiful designs, interesting videos, great music & awesome paintings. Your success is our best advertisement.

Software & Web Site

Focused & Logical

Mobile Development

Android & IOS – Advanced

Design & Art

Creative & Experienced

Videos & Sounds

Visual & Acoustical Effects

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Last Judgment Executed by Artificial Intelligence. Android System Version 116.05


Last Judgment Executed by Artificial Intelligence On the River of Love. Android System Version 116.05. Victim – Who? And as The Blood Drops Fall The Earth is Shaking.

Source Code. Earth Collision with Artificial Intelligence

Source Code. Earth Collision with Artificial Intelligence


Source Code. Earth Collision with Artificial Intelligence – 7:33 min
The revelation of the Source Code was imminent. Earth collision with AI (Artificial Intelligence) was just occurring. Formula of $_Source unveiled.

Lighthouse. Guides & Shines into the Future. Awesome oil painting by Christian Staebler

LoveArtPassion – LAP – Trailer


LAP – Introduction – Our Diversity – 3:43 min
New Great Products – Software & Web Development. Design, Video & Sound Creation. We stand out & impact world with “Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings. Art Videos & Music”.
We Love our Subscribers youTube.

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