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Fire Up your Worldwide Influence & Popularity with Videos, Music, Sound Effects & Software Development. LoveArtPassion™ – Visit our Beautiful & Interesting youTube Channel. Welcome & Please Subscribe. Get to Know Global & Good Ideas, which could Safe your Life at Home or in Holiday.

Video & Sound Development – Customized for You & Your Company creates customized videos & music, to boost your company’s website, youTube channel & social network platforms. We are thrilled & honoured, to establish your world wide web presence & influence with amazing multi media content, developed just for your company’s needs. Advertise & attract visitors to your website, create an appealing youTube channel & amazing Facebook page. Video platforms are very important in todays world. They enable you to get better Google rankings, more hits in Google search, backlinks & some free advertisement for your products & brand. A good video content in your website & linked to your youTube channel, Facebook etc., are the tools in todays multi media world. Videos themselves, have had a direct effect on world events & methods used in daily life (like to stop insects, save lives & energy,  Staeblering easy, by LoveArtPassion™ or visit CNN iReport ). Spread good ideas & boost your website success tremendous with beautiful & interesting video content, music or sound effects by LoveArtPassion™. YouTube partner, 3.5 million views in 200 countries.

For Development of your Website or Software Application. LoveArtPassion™ Creates Music, Sound Effects & Videos

We have best contacts with professional musicians & sound engineers in styles of Pop, Techno, Rock, Jazz, World etc. At the same time, we are the place to go for software & web development at a low rate. We are very price competitive, because we do not live in first world countries, this helps us to limit costs.

Make a Good, Important Decision & Plan. Delegate Your Great Projects & Ideas to Us

Let LoveArtPassion develop & create a beautiful & interesting video trailer for your company, to show your clients, what you are all about in a few minutes. This will add some heat & fire, your company gets a competitive edge. Same time create awesome videos of your products & services, to be a rapidly recognizable brand. Please, watch video trailer about LoveArtPassion™. We create videos out of your monitor too. Show your awesome web site or practical, beautiful application we developed for you in video. In fact there are limitless usage & benefits to include engaging videos, with good sounds, in branding, advertisement & sale strategies.

Trailer – All About LoveArtPassion™. Global & Good Ideas. Software & Web Development. Design & Oil Paintings. Video Art. 1:17 min

Do not miss our best tips, here we just show 2 examples. Amazing art videos by LoveArtPassion™. Staeblering (stop insects, advanced) featured in CNN iReport. Our art videos gives the watcher feelings of love, art & passion. Experience an immersive adventure with beautiful oil paintings, digital art & atmospheric music.

LoveArtPassion™ Video 6:15 min. A Three Millions Clicks Video & Counting, with Worldwide Impact. Featured in CNN. Watch in English, Spanish & French

Global & Good Ideas. Remove & Attaching Hair System in Seconds. Multiple Time Tape, Home Made. No Alcohol & Mess. Video 29:21 min
Oil Paintings with Sound Effects.™.

See our animation & art videos. Here we show 6 examples. The first video below is an amazing animation, with great sound & beautiful visual effects. The video comes with a short story, which explains the creation of the world in an artistic poetic way. The other videos shows beautiful designs & best oil paintings with music & sound effects. Arts & sound by Christian Staebler, Founder of LoveArtPassion & artist from Switzerland. May Love, Art & Passion be with You 🙂

LoveArtPassion™. The Creation of the World. Animation – HD – Video Art 2:15 min™. Customized Design & Art. Software & Web Development.™. Oil Paintings with Sound Effects.