Lighthouse. Guides & Shines into the Future. Awesome oil painting by Christian Staebler

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LAP – Introduction – Our Diversity – 3:43 min
New Great Products – Software & Web Development. Design, Video & Sound Creation. We stand out & impact world with “Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings. Art Videos & Music”.
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Trailer 1:17min, content: Introduction to Love Art Passion. Best ideas of the world presented in art videos. Ideas which also could save your life at home or in holiday one day. Superb paintings & lovely music.

Explanation of oil painting by Christian Staebler above. Love, art & passion guides us & shines into the future, like a “Lighthouse” which guides the ship safely through the storm. Once we mastered the storm in us, the mind stretches to the rising like a calm ocean & we feel “To Be” & “Not Do”.

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Best Software & Web Development, Android & IOS. With our Analytic, Logical & Creative Approach. We work at a low rate, because we do not live in industrial countries. We are a team. Indian programmers in Bangalore & LoveArtPassion™ founder Chris Staebler (Biography) .
Our team is focused & experienced in: Web Site, IOS & Android Development. Our programers are experts in many technologies: PHP, JAVA, Swift, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, WebSockets,, WebRTC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap etc. Frameworks professionals for: Zend Framework, Codeigniter. CMS specialists for: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, E-Commerce – Magento. Trained in: Logo, SEO, Campaigns & Advertisement of Companies, including Services & Products.
Programming at every level, production of designs, videos, music & awesome paintings is our strength. We focus, develop & emphasize your project. We love our customers, they are the most important for us & we will achieve your goals in the world wide web.

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Watched world wide in more than 200 countries & territories. This means that the designs, fashion & oil paintings are known & appreciated by many people all around the world. An art connection beyond race & religion. Which shows that love, art & passion are central in humans life & were influencing the evolution of humanity right from the begin of time. Please subscribe to our youTube Channel. Thank you 🙂

Stop Insects, Rats, Spiders, Lizards, Snake etc. See Video, YouTube & Featured in CNN

Staeblering, is our yet biggest contribution to health care, environmental protection & improving living conditions. Protect yourself at home & in holiday. It is cheap, quickly applied, long lasting & effective. It saves lives, energy & is without chemicals. Prevention of disease. Keeps the door in a certain angle. Save billions of dollars – worldwide. You can execute this idea in 5 minutes, with a cost of less than 1 dollar.
Watch this amazing simple & good idea. CNN. youTube.

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Trust us we are entertaining & have many more good ideas, about art work, music, software development & video art. We have a wide range of interesting & beautiful themes, that we will pick up in the near future.
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