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About Development of
Choose for your software & web development. We are very price competitive, because we not live in industrialized countries.
We are building a new Social Network. Target of release is 2020.

Web development covers the scope from developing simple static single internet page of plain text to very complex web-based internet applications (Web Apps), electronic businesses, & social networks. Let us now talk some more about & give some insights, how this site was done, what are the technical & SEO advantages. a simple but the world impacting web site, with beautiful content, two technical world premieres & genuine good ideas, especially “stop insects”, featured multilingual in youTube & CNN.

In fact the creation of, was my first accomplished web site, at the time when I studied programming. Also the discovery that we can use simple tape to seal the house to protect from insects, rats etc. & the growing skills to make a web site were falling timely together. Additional youTube & CNN opened new possibilities to publish my ideas worldwide., a quite simple but entertaining beautiful web site, which has a world wide influence, appeal & many good google rankings of page 1 & even more in the first 10.
I am here to assist you & connect you to our programmers that is what is all about. Software & web development. Awesome content producer, video, design, paintings & music. With years of experience in programming, I Christian Staebler programer, artist & founder of LoveArtPassion™ (Biography) , is here to connect you to our experts & give you advice. I also programmed the next generation of social web site, which still is undergoing a technical update in India, the release date is scheduled for 2019. Me & my Indian programmers, we are a team, ready to accomplish your ideas & projects in the world wide web. I Chris Staebler, in alliance with expert programmers, with office in Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. They completed more than 2,000 jobs successfully since Jun 2012. Easy & difficult projects were greatly realized with logic, creativity, love & passion.

We have Experts, Excellent in Programming & Ambitious in their Work

Programmers with Years of Know How & Expertise to Achieve your Project.
Focused on: Web Site, IOS & Android Development. Our programers are experts in many technologies: PHP, JAVA, Swift, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, WebSockets,, WebRTC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap etc. Frameworks professionals for: Zend Framework, Codeigniter. CMS specialists for: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, E-Commerce – Magento. Trained in: Logo, SEO, Campaigns & Advertisement of Companies, including Services & Products.
Programming at every level, production of designs, videos, appealing music & awesome paintings is our strength. We love, develop & emphasize your project.

Some Specials of

I (Christian Staebler, founder LoveArtPassion) developed & build in the web site. These specials are amazingly world premieres, as I see it, never used by other programers. They are adding surprise, suspense, entertainment & beauty to the site. The other strength of the page are the many backlinks to CNN, google plus & youTube. & our youTube channel, mostly figures in first pages google search: ‘Global & Good Ideas’, ‘Stop Insects’, ‘Awesome Oil Paintings” & ‘Great Oil Paintings & the list goes on & will even evolve over time. It is good to be diverse like LoveArtPassion we show: oil paintings, design, video, ideas, tips, music etc. Through diversity you can attract all kinds of people with different interests. A youTube channel is very useful to boost your search results & to create appealing, beautiful & interesting videos of your site.

First World Premiere of

The every day changing background colour, something very simple to build in, which gives your web site a changing appearance, interesting & beautiful even if the visitor goes to your site multiple times. So it is still the same amazing & known site for the visitor. It won’t confuse your visitors, web site still looks the same, the change is only the background colour.

Second World Premiere of

Oil paintings displayed with sound effects & music, which I carefully mixed, played or both. So if you see my “Element Fire” painting you actually hear the fire burning or if you take a look at “The Eye of Eyes”, you hear the eyes looking around & rolling out in the desert to create a new ‘Eye of Eyes’, it is the contest of a elephant & woman. They squeeze the “Eye of Eyes”, then the small eyes come outside & are alive. There is a countdown to start the contest & a clock ringing to relax once in a while. With sound the visitor may just spend the extra seconds & minutes on your site, trigger a better google ranking & buy your products. So every time you click the small gallery picture, you are led to the big sized picture with sound, which the visitor also can download for free. Then with a easy click on big sized picture you go back to gallery.

Eye of Eyes. We have the eye for web development. Oil painting by Christian Staebler

The Eye of Eyes, with Sound Effects. Artist Chris Staebler. Oil on Canvas (72.8 x 39.4 in = 185 x 100 cm).

Element fire. Oil on canvas. Artist Christian Staebler. Fire, hot and most relevant for power.

Element Fire, with Sound. Artist Chris Staebler. Oil on Canvas (27.6 x 36.2 in = 70 x 92 cm).

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